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101: Beginning Ukulele - Aaron Jorgensen

Looking for Beginner Ukulele Classes in Bountiful or Salt Lake City Area? Murphy's Guitars has got you covered! Even if you're brand new to the ukulele, this beginning class will have you up and going in no time! The Aaron Jorgensen method focuses on getting chords and songs under your fingers ON DAY ONE! All while building a solid foundation on good rhythm using his signature Tempo Ramping technique. In this course you'll learn:
  • Basic and intermediate ukulele chords
  • To read rhythm and strumming patterns 
  • Useful strumming patterns like "Reggae Strumming" and the "Snare Drum Strum"
  • Proper Techniques & Hand Position
  • And much more!
We'll work with real songs from top artists like:
  • Bruno Mars
  • Train
  • Bob Marley
  • The Lumineers
  • Jack Johnson
  • & More!

Check out our Spotify Playlist for a complete list of songs!

Cost Includes Copy Of Ukulele Method Book 1 & Song Booklet 
Space is limited, so please don't put it off!

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
If you've never played the ukulele before, or if you know a few chords and want to learn some more and improve your strumming.
Materials Included:
Ukulele Method Book 1 by Aaron Jorgensen & Song Booklet
Must have ukulele before first class. Please DO NOT order a cheap ukulele on Amazon or a discount big box store! Most of my students that buy these end up buying a new ukulele before the class is even over because it causes too much frustration. For help finding a quality ukulele please contact Murphy's Guitars at 801-298-4777 Visit them in store at 133 N. Main Street in Bountiful, UT or visit
Instructor Name:
Aaron Jorgensen
Instructor Bio:
Aaron is a graduate of the University of Utah, and has helped students learn the ukulele and guitar since 2011. He's taught this method for years in?private and group settings, and had great success in?helping students achieve their goals!
Aaron Plays and teaches a unique mix of reggae, blues, rock, R&B, and funk, and continually pushes his students to take their ukulele playing to new places.

To learn more about this teaching method, or to get in touch with Aaron, Click the link below and submit an inquiry.

101: Beginning Ukulele - Aaron Jorgensen

$ 90.00
Includes Ukulele Method Book 1 by Aaron Jorgensen & Song Booklet