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Killer Blues Amps Hand Wired 15-Watt Matchvox TC15


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Imagine a Matchless DC30 crossed with a VOX AC30 and you have an idea of what this two-channel, hand-wired, 15 watt British-voiced amp has to offer – with each channel having its own unique personality.  While one channel is sweet, the other is mean.  Common to both channels is a pull-on master volume and cut control on the front panel; as well as a "Crunch & Munch' toggle switch on the rear panel. This switch changes the tone of the entire amp from Smooth to Growling, creating a whole new tonal palette to explore.  Even at 15 watts, this amp has enough volume to fill mid-size auditoriums and outdoor venues.


Channel 1 is a sweet-sounding VOXish AC15-voiced channel run through an EF86 tube.  It has a wonderful, meaty, midrange gain; but, when you roll back the volume, it cleans up very well.  Turn up the volume, switch the "Crunch & Munch," increase the attack, and this channel will show it's nasty side as well.  The channel has a Volume knob and a 6-position tone Contour switch.  This Contour switch takes the amp's tone from "Fat to Thin" in 6 steps.


Channel 2 utilizes a high-gain top-boost preamp, creating a mean-sounding VOXish AC30 attitude.  This channel comes with interactive Bass and Treble controls, which provide endless tonal options – able to produce sparkling clean country sounds or VOX chime, to down-and-dirty bluesy rock tones.  This channel also has a Boost switch on the rear panel, adding subtleties to Humbuckers, P90s, and Single Coils.


For even more gain and tonal range, the two channels can be jumpered together.


Hand-wired, using only the highest-quality components.




Solid pine finger-jointed handmade cabinet

Custom tolex and grill cloth styling

Aircraft-grade aluminum chassis


Jupiter coupling capacitors

Carbon Comp tone resistors

F&T filter caps

Cloth push-back wire

Custom design Heyboer transformers

Switchable 8K-5K output transformer impedances

Alpha pots

Switchcraft input and speaker jacks

Carling switches

Hand selected tubes: 1 – EF86, 3 – 12AX7, 2 – EL84 (matched pair), 1 – 5AR4/GZ34

Special isolation mounting for EF86 tube

4, 8, 16 Ohm switched speaker outputs (2)


Extension Cabinet

Solid pine finger-jointed handmade cabinet

Custom tolex and grill cloth styling to match head

1 – Eminence Red Fang 10 in. 8Ω alnico speaker

1 – Weber 10 in. Blue Pup 8Ω ceramic speaker

Speakers wired in series for 16Ω